Quality Insurance Claims Adjustments, Appraisals & Investigations, With Integrity.
Quality Insurance Claims Adjustments,Appraisals & Investigations, With Integrity.

About Us

Advanced Adjusters & Associates, Inc. originated in Williamston, North Carolina in 1989.  This company was founded by Keith Rawls and Mark Rawls, with vast construction knowledge and over 30 years of experience in the insurance adjusting and appraising services. 

In 2006, we moved our corporate office to Windsor, North Carolina where Mark continues in the tradition of a no nonsense approach to claims resolution that has been tried and proven over years of service to the industry.

We currently handle day to day claims in eastern North Carolina for several companies.  We also sepecialize in handling of insurance claims arising from catastrophe situations throughout the  Altlantic Seaboard and the Gulf of Mexico coastal region.  Some of the larger named storms we have worked for numerous carriers, over the span of three decades are:  Hugo, Andrew, Fran, Bertha, David, Rita, Opal, Ivan, Floyd, Isabel, Irene, Charley, Jeanne, Grace, Dennis, Katrina, Wilma, Sandy, Matthew, Harvey, Irma, Florence, Michael and Dorian, Isaias and Ian.  

Over the years, we have seen the insurance claims industry continue to restructure, due to new innovations and ever changing technologies.  Through it all, the one thing which never changes is our commitment to  honesty, integrity  and professionalism .   These have stood the test of time.



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